Feel Good Mornings

There is nothing glamorous about the morning routine, especially if you visit my house during the hours of 7am to 9pm. Ha ok, we are talking just about the morning here, when I am trying to finish at least one cup of coffee in a decent amount of time all while dodging the baby bird requests of “yogurt!” “Cereal!” “Juice” “I’m still hungry!” “I want more!”. Unless I am particularly hungry in the morning myself, I usually don’t prepare any type of fancy breakfast for my kids. I love frozen, fresh, and packaged choices that are ready to go or you just have to slice or heat up.

I need the time to adjust to the fact that another day has begun and there is still a long way to go. A bit dramatic? Only sometimes. My three year old is currently pouring her drinkable yogurt into a cup because she doesn’t like the way the monkey on the label is looking at her….

Once they are fed, dressed, and some of them maybe sent off on there day, this is the time I use to pump myself up for the rest of the day. This usually means for me to reheat my same cup of coffee for the third time so I can finally enjoy it. But its more than that, this is the time where I have to fit in something for myself like a full face of makeup or actually putting on something other than sweatpants. Not because I actually have to go anywhere, but because it really does make me feel happier and ready to take on the day.

My eye bags and bed head are nothing to smile in the mirror about every morning, but with a few tips I feel refreshed, and ready to take on so much more than what’s actually on my plate.


Step 1 – Wear a cute robe. So much better looking than pajamas and just as comfortable.

Step 2 – Coffee or tea, although I’m pretty sure that belongs on all of the steps and is more of just a rule.

Step 3 – I love a little eye cream to wake my eyes up. I am loving Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream. Seriously is just like caffeine for your eyes and works wonders.

Step 4 – Tinted face primer, fill in eyebrows, and then something for my lips, and then ta-da! New and refreshed person! I like to use something minty or a lip plumper that tingles cause I feel like it helps me wake up. Definitely recommended Sexy Mother Pucker if you’re in to that feeling of plumper lips.

Once you get ready to take on the day, you actually have to go somewhere. And I literally mean anywhere. Once you feel good, you have to go out and take in the full effect . Go walk around your neighborhood, take that much needed trip to Costco, or actually go do something really fun with the kids, or ditch them at Grandma’s and go shopping.

Maybe don’t wear anything too nice, since if they are anything like my kids, I end up with boogers, food, and spit up all over me. I know what you’re thinking though, but nothing you need to get done will get done after all this time you wasted getting ready and going somewhere for no reason, but guess what? Everything you thought you needed to get done wasn’t going to get done anyway.

That’s the nature of motherhood and everything else we try to take on during the amazing 18 years (or more) that they need us. So I say make yourself happy while raising them, they will actually be happier too, and do things for yourself to STAY happy, because the definition of motherhood is not “miserable, tired, yelling, zombie”, even though I definitely feel that way sometimes.

Seize the day my friends! Put on some lipstick, and feel damn good about yourself as you pour those cheerios!


Clean House? HA


My house is never clean, why? Because my kids live here too. Either I am missing a very important step to motherhood or it is literally impossible to keep my house presentable in almost any way that I am proud of. I can seriously clean and have at least one level of my house organized to the point that my husband will actually come home and notice how great it looks, but then within the hour….BOOM! A tropical storm of children destroy it before bedtime. My husband has literally fallen down the stairs three times this week due to toys on the floor in our hallway.

I am by no means saying we are slobs, in fact to a certain degree I have always had OCD with organization and the control over where things belong and keeping things clean. The problem is completely at the fault of my not so perfect children who I truly believe are perfect. In all seriousness, children make messes and they are messes themselves. They are learning about life, how to live it, and who they really are, all with trial and error at their parents expense and the direction that they lead.

It is so important to realize that our kids remember experiences and not how clean their room was. By no means am I saying we should strive to be ok with messy rooms, but rather that we should remember that messy rooms and dirty dishes are not a degree of failure of parenting, and instead see it as proof that we have provided a place for out kids to eat, play, and just be happy!

Before sitting down to write this post, I had tried to fold the same basket of laundry probably 30 times since my wonderfully helpful 1 year old daughter decided it was funny to grab each newly folded item and throw it across the room. Case and point right here! I mean come on, look at that picture. I thought I was going to go insane and start throwing the laundry out the window so i didn’t have to look at it anymore, however after the fact I realized that in the eyes of my daughter, she had the best afternoon with me and probably can’t wait to do laundry again. However, little does she know that she will not be invited next time. Just remember to breathe, you are doing a good job, and your kids are probably really happy because of it, so that means you should be happy too!

We should never apologize for really living in our homes or feel bad just because everyday we were not presented with some amazing miracle of 10 extra hours of peace and quite to actually get anything done. I am literally in school, trying to run a business, raising three kids, training a new puppy, and now starting a blog, and yet somehow I find myself every night wondering how I failed and what I need to do to channel my inner Martha Stuart and Wonder Woman powers. The truth is that I am already successful and I need to realize the wealth of life that I am already providing for myself and my family.

In case you were wondering, all three of my kids are alive, and the dogs too for that matter! That my friends is a win, and don’t you forget it!