Lets Meet Sarah...Your Designer

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Hey there! My name is Sarah Henderson and I am the founder of Henderson Studio Designs. From a young age I have never been one to follow the rules and have always sought out new ways to push boundaries and redesign my world the way that I wanted to see it. That is why I decided to launch Henderson Studio Designs in 2016 so that way I could do what I love and help others create and promote their businesses in the most effective and original way.

I believe that design is everything. It is the first thing that people see and it is what people will remember. Design can make or break a business and it is also the key element to any type of branding.

Business is important and I believe in the creative process that I have created. That being said, let us make this a fun and memorable experience. I believe in having relationships with all of my clients and hope that by the end of our work together we will not only be friends but also work on more exciting projects in the future!

Now Lets Get Personal

HusbandMy husband Evan is my rock and my creative inspiration

KidsWe have three kids together, Couper, Harlow, and Thea.

DogsWe also have three dogs, Rummy, Skipper, and Yeti.

SiblingsI am the oldest of five kids, all of us close but with strikingly different personalities.

ASUI studied Graphic Information Technology at ASU.

HairI have had my cosmetology license since I was 19.

TeaEvery morning I start my day with coffee or chai.